Lew's Telescope and CCD Camera Project

11 May 1999 Update

UX Ursa Majoris

An Eclipsing Binary with a Nova-Like Spectrum

Julian Date - 2451000

The CBA - Center for Backyard Astrophysics requested observations of UX UMa and here is the result of one night's (May 7-8, 1999) sitting on the star. The 13th magnitude star used for comparison purposes is GSC 3469:867.
Brightnes is the vertical scale, in differential magnitudes from the comparison star. Each point is an average of 2 frames. The dip in brightness caused by the larger but dimmer secondary star eclipsing the white dwarf and the accretion disk is apparent in the graphed data.
The data was reduced using Richard Berry's Photomet software now in beta test.

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