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Current GOES Infra-red Image

US Visible Image loop

Click on the picture of Mauna Kea
for an animated view of the latest
night sky from Mauna Kea.
This will give an idea of the general level
of high cloudiness present over the island.
Mauna Kea is about 40 miles north of Pahala.
Jonathan Kemp of CBA Hilo has a
more complete weather page
related to the area.

US NOAA Weather Chart

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Weather Forecast for Pahala.

Weather Office Products.

Satellite Weather Interpretation

Weather Radar Animated Loop.

KITV Current HI Big Island zoomable radar

Long term Patterns for Astronomy

The late Bill Albrecht, a prolific AAVSO observer, lived in Pahala for 20 years and made
90,000 observations of variable stars. His data was analyzed to form an
impression of the weather here. The plot on the right shows the percentage
of nights per month when he observed. From this one can infer the frequency
of clear, or partly clear nights throughout the year.
Average monthly rainfall for Pahala throughout the year
(Redrawn from Climate and Water Balance on the Island of Hawaii
by James O. Juvik, D. C. Singleton, and G. G. Clarke,
Department of Geography, University of Hawaii)
The Kiluea Eruption Update will give details on the latest activity of the
volcano. Pahala faces little threat from a lava flow from Kilauea, but does suffer the risk of high SO2 levels and ash deposits. Additionally, an explosive eruption from Kiluaea poses a remote possibility of smothering Pahala. Mauna Loa, which last erupted in 1984, lies directly above us. It has been
inflating since May 2002. An eruption in the next decades is possible.
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