Lew's Telescope and CCD Camera Project

09 June 1999 Update

Supernova 1999 cl in M88 (NGC 4501)

A V image consisting of 23 stacked 16 second frames

The image was taken at 0559 UT on June 05, 1999 with the 44 cm reflector using the CB245 camera and a Schuler Astroimaging Systems V (green) filter matching the V of the UBVRI system. South is up. 23 images of 16 seconds each were stacked. The magnitude of the Supernova is V=14.6. The comparison star used is the brighter of the pair of stars to the upper right. Its magnitude (13.6) was determined from Stanton's magnitude 13.5 star used for the AAVSO AL Comae Berenices chart. The value was derived from photometry of AL COM frames taken immediately prior to the Supernova images. Photometry was done with Richard Berry's Photomet software which has been supplanted by AIP4WIN 2.1.3.

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