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July 2001 Data on WZ Sagittae
CBA Pahala

Lew moves the 17.5
inch reflector in 2003
to latitude +19, long. 155
Lew's Nemesis Spreadsheet for correcting photometry with an incidental star
Lew's light curve for the 2002
Supernova in M74 - SN2002ap - in 3 colors,
V (green), R (red) and I (near infrared)
Lew's 737 project

Lew Re-engineers the 737 mm Reflector!
Pierre de Pontierre of Lesve, Belgium (pronounced "Lev ") has developed Lesve Photometry, which can be linked to Lew's AAVSO Format Plotting Workbook. This Excel Workbook will produce 14 plots from the AAVSO format output, including instrumental magnitudes of your comparison stars vs. Airmass, allowing you to calculate atmospheric extinction coefficients. It will work with any Photometry program that gives you the output in AAVSO extended format. See Lew's description of how it works.
Lew's CBA work on MV Lyrae Summary - first 10 months of construction on the 44 cm reflector Lew's Excel
Light Curve Plotting Spreadsheet
made especially for AIP4WIN
photometry software!
Lew's article on MV Lyrae for the Czech Journal Perseus Fighting Ugly Light Pollution Lew's Excel
Heliocentric Correction Spreadsheet
Light curves of MV Lyrae Project Plans and Problems

Lew's Tutorial on making Excel Plots
of light curves for web pages!

Is the MV Lyrae Check Star Variable? M13 for Larry and Laura Lew's One Cell JD Calculator
a converter from UT date to Julian Date


AO Piscium - light curves
Observing Dangerously CBA Concord
Lew's Affiliation with the
Center for Backyard Astrophysics
U Gem - The Classic Dwarf Nova Supernova 1999cl in M88 Lew's original Excel
Light Curve Plotting Spreadsheet
-Autoplot.xls -
made for plotting light curves
from photometry results
in a 2 or 3 column text file.
IP Peg - light curves!
V898 Cyg identification Lew's automatic star chart plotting spreadsheet from Arne Henden's photometry standard star lists
V449 Lyr - a faint eclipsing binary The filter slide

QY Persei
The dew cap M5 and M57
V751 Cyg Light Curves Plans for the Focuser
Lew's Suspected Variable The reconfigured declination motions M67
V603 Aql Light Curve
Lew's Projects Page
UX UMa Light Curve XTE J1118+480
an X-ray Nova

Sky conditions forecast for nearby Mount Diablo