Lew's telescope and CCD Camera Project

11 June 1999 Update - Progress

Ugly Light Pollution

Streetlights Shining on the 'Scope have been Partially Shielded

March 18, 1999 - the BEFORE pictureJune 10, 1999, AFTER

All 3 lights were photographed with the same camera zoom settings. The two lights below were shielded too, and pictures will be made after the trees lose their leaves in the fall

At the eyepiece of my telescope I am in the direct glare of 3 High Pressure sodium streetlights, one less than 100 feet away and the others about 250 feet. Another one in my front yard prevents me from observing in my driveway. I contacted the utility, PG&E, and the City of Concord, CA. Concord gave permission to have PG&E install shields to reduce the glare from these 4 "cobra-head" lights and have the nearest one reduced to 70 watts. PG&E did the installation after I paid $301. PG&E wanted ME to INDEMNIFY GIANT PG&E against all claims which could result from their negligence during installation work (such as them knocking the pole over onto a pedestrian, workman's comp. etc.). The City of Concord, CA graciously agreed to contract with PG&E thanks to the cooperation of Mary Miller of the City.

It is not right for a private citizen to have to indemnify a giant corporaton to correct a situation caused by the city and PG&E's actions.
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