Lew's CCD Camera and Telescope Project

V751 Cygni

This cataclysmic variable has been relatively poorly studied and is a CBA target star that Lew is collecting light curves on. The period of revolution of the two stars about their common center of mass is 4.05 hours according to John R. Thorstensen.

Individual points are plotted above for JD2451446. The check star curve is the magenta curve above the V751 Cyg curve represented by the blue diamonds.

Plots of Binned (Averaged) Observations

In these plots, the observations have been binned and averaged. Binning is done in groups of 11 frames (observations are taken in sets of 11 images), however where some observations have been deleted due to image defects or poor tracking, the groups may be as small as 8. If fewer than 8 images from a group were kept, those frames are binned with the following group of observations.

In the plots, brown triangles mark the period of the star as found by John Thorstensen. An arbitrary ephemeris is used for the placement of these markers.