Lew's Telescope and CCD Camera Project

18 August 1999 Update

MV Lyrae Light Curves - Compared With Another CBA Station

This Cataclysmic Variable is a CBA Target Star

MV Lyrae is indicated by "MV" in the plot to the right. The comparison star is marked "comp" while 2 stars are marked "ck". They are check stars used to assure the constancy of the system over the observing period. The star to the south (above MV Lyr) is thought to be variable. The star marked V449 is an eclipsing binary, also reported on in this web site.

Lew and Dave Skillman (CBA East in Maryland) hopped onto MV Lyrae the same night - Thursday night, August 12-13, 1999. Above is the combined light curve (Dave's curve - red symbols - has been shifted 0.2 mag. to compensate for differences in the response of the systems). To see how the curves overlap, an expanded section of the curve is shown below. Lew's data is shown in blue, Dave's in red. The agreement is pretty good, within the precision of the systems.

Lew continued on the following two nights with the following curves. The purple dots are the data for the check star, presented to demonstrate the degree of scatter in a (relatively) constant star. The data on the check star on all three nights has a standard deviation of about 0.025 magnitude. Jerry Hudson investigated the data on the check star and found there was no periodic varaition over several nights. The tiny amount of variation seen is probably just variations of unknown origin in the instrumental system.


The flickering seemed to stop one night (August 27-28, 1999) and resumed the next night.

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