Lew's telescope and CCD Camera Project

27 March 1999 Update

Observing Dangerously

HL Canis Majoris near Sirius and SY Cancri near the Moon

1999 March 27.171 UT
HL Canis Majoris is a dwarf nova near the brightest star in the sky, Sirius. Diffraction and scattered light from Sirius is evident. The variable star was at magnitude 12.3, in one of its frequent outbursts. Normally it is at magnitude 14. Comparison stars of magnitude 13.0 and 14.4 are labeled. This is an overlay of four 8 second exposures.

1999 March 27.233
Observing visually, it is difficult to make observations near a bright moon. Here is an image of SY Cancri less than 4 degrees from the moon, which was between first quarter and full. This star, a dwarf nova, is also in outburst at magnitude 11.6. The faint stars visible here, amidst the scattered light, would have been impossible to see through the telescope, but which are clearly visible on the image.
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